Beijing Vasectomy Reversal

Beijing Vasectomy Reversal

Semen Analysis and Vasectomy Reversals

The semen analysis is an important step in determining the degree of vasectomy reversal success in patients who have undergone this procedure. Vasectomy reversals at Beijing Vasectomy Reversal have a very high rate of effectiveness, but there is never a 100% guarantee that such an operation will restore male fertility. While pregnancy is obviously the best indicator of vasectomy reversal success, an accurate semen analysis by the doctors at Beijing Vasectomy Reversal will rule out other factors should the patient's partner fail to conceive.

What Does a Semen Analysis Measure?

When the male fertility specialists at Beijing Vasectomy Reversal perform a semen analysis, their purpose is to determine the number of sperm present in seminal fluid as well as the health and viability of the sperm. The specific factors are:

  • Volume
  • Liquefaction period
  • Sperm count
  • Sperm morphology
  • Sperm motility
  • pH level
  • White blood cell count
  • Fructose level

It seems obvious, but it bears mentioning that the amount of semen ejaculated and the number of sperm present in the sample are excellent indicators of fertility; basically, more is better. Other semen analysis values, such as liquefaction period, sperm morphology and motility and fructose levels are less obvious, but just as important in determining the viability of sperm.

When examining the sperm analysis, the vasectomy reversal doctor at Beijing Vasectomy Reversal is looking for normal-shaped, active, forward-swimming sperm. Just as glucose provides energy for the muscles, so does fructose energize sperm; low levels of fructose suggest sluggish sperm that may die long before reaching the egg.

How Is a Semen Analysis Performed?

In order to do a semen analysis, the doctor must first collect a sample. It involves ejaculating into a sterile container, which can be done in a number of ways:

  • By manual auto-sexual activity, i.e., masturbation
  • Pulling out of the partner's vagina just prior to ejaculation (coitus interruptus)
  • Using a special condom during coitus

Once the specimen has been collected, it will need to be delivered to the lab within 1 hour in order to insure accurate interpretation of semen analysis results.

During a semen analysis swim out, the seminal fluid is placed in a sterile container and under observation to see how many sperm rise to the top, or 'swim out.' This is the point at which lab pathologists at Beijing Vasectomy Reversal can determine if the sample meets normal values for semen analysis.

Additional Information

Beijing Vasectomy Reversal is one of China's foremost andrology clinics; the doctors working there are experts in male fertility issues. In addition to vasectomy reversals, the doctors at Beijing Vasectomy Reversal are able to provide a wide range of fertility services, including interpretation of semen analysis. You can visit Beijing Vasectomy Reversal on the World Wide Web at

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